Girl’s Hair Clips For the First Day of School Photos

Girl’s Hair Clips: Perfect For the First Day of School Photos

The first day of school is always so exciting; you get to see who’s in your class, what your teacher’s like, where you’re sitting, the class schedule, use your new backpack, and more. Do you remember what else was happening that first day of school? Your picture was being taken multiple times. You had your picture taken at home, boarding the school bus, with your teacher, at your desk many other nostalgic moments.  When you look back at these pictures, what are the first few thoughts that pop into your head? “What was I even wearing?” “What was going on with my hair?” Now that you’re the parent, you’ve learned a few tricks to make the first day pictures look amazing. One of those tricks is accessories for your girl’s hair. Bows Etc. would love to help make your girl’s first day pictures look amazing. We have several options of the most adorable, photogenic headbands, pony-o’s, and hair bows, and girl’s hair clips.

Here are a few hair girl’s hair clips that would help make the perfect first day of school photo even better.  

  • This School Spirit Striped Girl’s Hair Clip  is great for the first day of school. You may choose to have your 3″ grosgrain bow on a barrette or an alligator girl’s hair clip.
  • This Starry Nights Rhinestone Girl’s Hair clip will shine brightly for everyone. The bow is attached to a lined alligator clip, measures 2″ across and is embellished with a beautiful rhinestone star.
  • The Beach Blanket Striped Tuxedo Girl’s Hair Clip is not only an adorable option for your girl, but also for you. A base of rich brown provides the perfect backdrop for your favorite pinks, greens and yellows. Our tuxedo style grosgrain bows measure 3″ across.

Contact Bows Etc. to get the perfect girl’s hair clip for the first day of school and all her first day of school photos.

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