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The History of Little Girls’ Hair Accessories

Men, women, boys, and girls have been wearing hair accessories for hundreds of years. Whether for fashion, political status, or functionality, hair accessories have been an important part of our history. Little girls’ hair accessories didn’t became a true part of everyday fashion though until the late1800’s and early 1900’s. Little girls began to enjoy accessorizing their outfits with bows and ribbons to add color, style, and fun. Though hair accessories have had changes in design over the years, the value and style they add to any outfit have not.

So How Important Are Little Girls’ Hair Accessories?

Most women love remembering the bows worn as little girls and how pretty they felt having them on. It’s also a part of history to see the iconic photos of little girls with their Easter baskets and dresses wearing hair accessories, from bows to hats, to compliment their new outfit. Their smiles were real as they loved showing off their completed ensemble. And all of this is still true today for every little girl. Having the perfect hair accessory with her outfit can make all the difference in the world in how a little girl feels. There is something fun and exciting about looking at all of the options available and choosing just the right hair bow, headband, clip, or flower to make her outfit perfect. Such a small accessory can make the difference for her in having a good day and having a great day. And don’t we all want our little girls to feel confident and beautiful and have a great day? Of course we do! This is why our talented team at Bows Etc. is committed to designing and making the cutest, most durable, and fun little girls’ hair accessories- because we know the true value in our little girls’ hair accessories.