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Face Masks

Face Masks for Kids, Women and Men -with the recent pandemic these are your most important accessory.  Show your personality to everyone with your favorite mask pattern since our smiles will be hidden for a bit.  Wear a mask to protect others and they’ll wear a mask to keep you healthy, too. Designs to wear everyday, for fun, work and to coordinate with school uniforms.

So many patterns to choose from might make it hard to only purchase one.  Unicorns, sports, flowers, swirls, plaid, Christmas, Hanukkah, solid colors and more.  Check out our face mask chains, too, so you never lose your face mask.

We make our face masks for kids, women and men, following CDC guidelines. They have three layers of 100% cotton, are reversible and washable.  Each mask has a filter pocket that allows an additional layer of protection. Face mask orders ship within a week, often sooner.



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