The Perfect Baby Girl Hair Clip For Dressing Her Up

There are few things more adorable than a baby girl; dressed up in a costume just might break the internet.There are so many costumes to choose from. Will she be the heroine who saves the day, a princess in a fairy tale, the most adorable bug you’ve ever seen, or something creative like a short drink from your favorite coffee shop? All of these are great options, but the piece that pulls the costume together is truly an adorable hair clip.

Your baby girl’s hair clip will make her costume complete.

If she’s a heroine this year, your baby girl’s hair clip will keep her hair “in place” while fighting crime. If she’s a princess, then her perfectly placed hair clip will show off her elegance and charm. If she’s a bug, the baby girl’s hair clip can help keep her antennae in place. Even as a coffee drink, your baby girl’s hair clip can keep the lid hat in place.

Where can you find the best adorable baby girl’s hair clips for her costume?

Bows Etc. has the perfect selection of not only beautiful baby girl hair clips, but also long-lasting durable hair accessories. Not only will these adorable baby girl hair clips work for your baby’s hair, but also her siblings’ hair as well. When her dress up time is over, our baby girl hair clips will still be perfect to use for any occasion.

Here are some options to choose to make her costume complete:

  • Add a Clip Interchangeable Headband: This $5 crocheted headband is stretchy and soft. You can add your favorite clip through the holes in the headband. This option is not only great for babies, but for toddlers and young girls as well.
  • Starry Night Rhinestone Hair Clip: This $8 satin bow will make the greatest baby girl hair clip for a 50’s pink lady costume. When she’s done being a pink lady, she can still twinkle like the little star she is with our handmade satin bow.  

Contact Bows Etc. today and get the perfect baby girl hair clip to add to your little one’s costume.