The Cutest Christmas Hair Accessories

The Cutest Christmas and Hanukkah Hair Accessories

‘Tis the season for Christmas cards, cookies, parties, and presents. Each year you promise yourself to not go “overboard,” but as soon as Halloween is over, whose voices do you hear? None other than Michael Buble’, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Bing Crosby; who can resist their Christmas carols? It’s impossible to not immediately want to jump into festive mode. After that first song, you’re hooked and can’t wait to start decorating, baking, and buying everything to make the holiday perfect for your family. Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s cards to make and send, too. Why not spread the festivities to yours and your little girl’s hair with some of the most beautiful and the cutest Christmas hair accessories?

Where can you find the cutest Christmas hair accessories?

Bows Etc. provides quality, handcrafted hair accessories not only for Christmas and Hanukkah but for all occasions. Our hair accessories will be the ones that your little girl will want to wear every day. Choose from unicorn hair accessories for everyday use or simple headbands. Our clips are designed so they can attach to our headbands making the possibilities endless.

These are a few of our adorable Christmas hair accessories:

  • Oh Christmas Tree Hair Clip: This Christmas hair accessory comes on an a-lined alligator clip making it easy to place right in her hair or attach to a headband. It comes with red rhinestones for ornaments and a bow to top the tree.
  • Christmas Wrapping Hair Bow: Your little girl will look like a beautiful gift herself while wearing our headband with a bow that measures about 5” across. There are 25 different colors that you can choose from adding the perfect color pop to your Christmas card picture.
  • Christmas Santa Hair Clip: What little girl wouldn’t be in an excited, festive mood by wearing Santa on her head? Santa is handcrafted with a fluffy white beard and a rosy red rhinestone nose.
  • Hanukkah Lights Headbands: With eight nights to celebrate the Festival lights, you’ll be able to sparkle with our sparkly Hanukkah headbands.

Let us help you find the perfect Christmas hair accessories for not only this season, but all the seasons to come. Contact us today and let us handcraft the cutest Christmas hair accessories for your little girl.