Where To Buy Adorable Unicorn Hair Clips

Where To Buy Adorable Unicorn Hair Clips

Unicorns are all the craze. These mythical creatures have been around for centuries and will continue to stay around. From My Little Pony and birthday cakes to pillows and accessories, unicorns seem to be everywhere. Why not own some of the most adorable unicorn hair clips as accessories?

Where can you find quality made and adorable unicorn hair clips?

There are many things made that look adorable but don’t last for very long. What if you could not only own adorable unicorn hair clips, but quality handmade unicorn hair clips as well? You can: Bows Etc is a hair accessory company that began in 1997. Each bow and  hair clip is handcrafted special just for you. Froma Sandler began crafting bows for her beautiful granddaughter after not being able to find great quality products in store. Now her hair accessory creations can be enjoyed by all.

These are a few of our handmade adorable unicorn hair clips and headbands:

  • Rainbow Wishes Unicorn Headband: With rainbow haired unicorns and beautiful butterflies, this headband will show off the brightness that your daughter is.
  • Whimsical Unicorn Headband: Unicorns are whimsical and one-of-a-kind, just like your daughter. This headband is embellished with a 5’’ unicorn horn, flowers, bows, and rhinestones.
  • Sparkles Unicorn Hair Clip: With three different options, you can choose the unicorn hair clip that best matches your little girl’s personality. There’s a pink mane, glitter mane, or rainbow mane unicorn hair clip to choose from. These clips can also be attached into some of our headbands as well.
    • Interchangeable Scallop Headband: Varying in six different bright colors, the unicorn hair clip can be attached to create a different look every day.
    • Interchangeable Headband: These crocheted  headbands are great for interchanging hair clips. They are soft and come in sixteen different colors.

If you would like to purchase one of our adorable unicorn hair clips or headbands, contact us today and we can begin making the perfect unicorn hair clip for your little girl.